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Alaiye Agemo is a reader and advisor for over 25 years. She is a Priestess in the Yoruba Tradition and her reading reflect the work that must be done in order to change the situation one is facing. She uses intuition coupled with the tools of the Tarot, Dilogun, I Ching, numerology, dice, and ken ken systems which confirm the information that comes through her. The premise is that we are makers and masters of our own fate; we use the tools of faith, the chakra, and the power of the Word, visualization and ritual to help affect a positive outcome and change. First, we identify the situation and then we will proceed to what needs to be done to change our perception and the tools we can use to change the situation to a positive outcome. With her intuition and empathic nature, she will help you to embrace what is necessary to heal any situation.

Available by phone or in person

Wednesday 12:30-4:30pm

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