Dainichi Lazuli

Offering:  Kabbalistic Tarot

Using Chaldean And Hebrew Numerology  (Gematria)
Angelology And Astrology to Widen One's

Approach in Surpassing Limitations

Kabbalah Comes From The Hebrew Word "Quibal" which means To Receive.  It is believed That Abraham, The Father Of All Modern Religions Was In Fact From Ur, (A Sumerian City) Where The Knowledge Of The Tree Of Life Originated From, Along With The Hierarchy Of Angels And Demons.

The Holy Name Of God Called Shehamforage, Is A 72 Lettered Sound Which Created The Known Universe And All Of Its Stars And Astrological Groups. The Tarot Is The Torah : Which Essentially Is The Book Of Life. Transcribed By Moses, A Prince Of Egypt Much Like The Buddha Who Sought Enlightenment Beyond Riches.

The Tree Of Life Is Mentioned In The Book Of Genesis But Can Be Found In Almost Every Known Culture. ( Maya, Inca, Aztec, Egyptian and Sumerian).

These 72 Names Created The Density Of Our Four Worlds (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) Which Were Codified Within Each And Every Human Cell Of Our DNA( Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen And Carbon ) Spelling The Sacred Name Of YHVH or Jehovah. 

We Are Never Separate From God As It Exists Within Each and Every One Of Us.