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Sacred Leaves A magical herbal guide ro orisha witchcraft


Discover the Power, Magic, and Secrets of Afro-Brazilian Herbal Magic

Transform your life with authentic day-to-day plant magic used in the rituals of Umbanda and Candomblé — Brazilian religions based on African gods of nature called Orishas and practiced all over South America. Sacred Leaves compiles three volumes on this Afro-Brazilian witchcraft into one updated edition, making their contents available in English for the first time. With this comprehensive guide, you can begin safely working with a variety of magical herbs for spiritual cleansing, prosperity, harmony, love, and more.

Diego de Oxóssi teaches you how to identify plants through their physical and magical characteristics, harvest botanical ingredients, awaken their sacred power with spoken enchantments, and create your own herbal spells. Then, you will explore a variety of ways to use plant energies, including potions, powders, aromatherapy, baths, cookery, and other healing tools. With its collection of more than three hundred plant profiles and various hands-on activities, Sacred Leaves will help you build a life filled with magic and success.

Sacred Leaves A magical herbal guide ro orisha witchcraft

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