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Wildflower Mini Smudge Stick

These beautifully wrapped mini smudge sticks are perfect as an altar piece, a housewarming gift, or for burning when the moon is full.

Each one is unique. With a base of White Sage, each one is wrapped with wildflowers and may contain the following:

For calming and healing energy. Eucalyptus calms anger, anxiety, and a fluttering heart.

Also known as Sea Lavender, Purple Statice is also calming and brings about creative energies, healing of the heart, and Mother Earth connection.

A flower of humble love + humility to bring the energy of gratitude, self-love, and loving kindness toward others.

If you’d like your bundle wrapped with 2 of these specific flowers, please leave a note upon checkout. Otherwise, we will energetically choose which wildflowers are for you.

Wildflower Mini Smudge Stick

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