Reiki literally translates to "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy". The modern practice of this ancient healing modality was developed  by Mikao Usui in Japan in 1922. The healer (that’s me!) acts a bridge between the heavens and the earthly realm to bring down wisdom, light, protection and guidance. This allows for the strengthening of one's auric field and an the upliftment of their mood which promotes the overall reinvigoration of their spirit! Reiki healing can be utilized for a multitude of reasons such as: relaxation and stress-relief, emotional trauma, physical pain, illness and can even heal the subconscious mind facilitating the release of generational curses. The magic of reiki is allowed to occur through the practitioner's ability to feel into the client's vibrational field as the client rests calmly in a comfortable position. Here, the practitioner or healer is able to use light symbols, sound vibration, breath and the mind's eye to send waves of positive energy the client's vibrational field. Sensitive folk may notice the effects of this instantly, while others will experience the integration of the effects over time. Some may experience visions of light during the session, others may experience some form of emotional release. Either way, space will be held and warm hugs will be offered. 

Idalis Nylasia Price is certified to the First and Second degree in the Usui/Tibetan tradition of Reiki Ryoho. Before manifesting her free-spirited life as a healer she committed herself to a 5-year academic career in fine art and filmmaking. However, as envisioned, her life as an art school student came to a solemn and abrupt end as she began to resonate with different aspects of her being. A deeper way of connecting to reality was unveiled to her through an intense, yet gradual, emotional and spiritual awakening. This she accredits mostly to chanting Buddhist mantras, plant medicine, visualization meditation and the eventual unfolding of her "Dark Night of the Soul". 


Currently, she is an up and coming social media influencer, multi-media artist and self-proclaimed Goddess! When she is not dedicating her life to healing the collective (or healing herself) you can find her studying the movement of the stars or finding ways to escape to nature. A distant dream of hers is to self-publish books of poetry and build a house by the beach but for now she is happy to spend her time creating instagram collages about energy, filming spiritual youtube videos and deepening her spiritual practice. You can connect with her at Aum Shanti Bookstore and on Instagram (@godd3ssd1v1ne) for distance healing and birth chart readings for love and prosperity.