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Jen Shanteau


Past Life Regression Therapy

Therapeutic Imagery


$125 for each 60 minutes of session

In person or virtual sessions (Zoom or FaceTime)

By pre-booked, pre-paid appointments only


"Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with why people do the things they do, and why it's so difficult for us to change, even when we are highly motivated. As an avid reader and seeker, I would devour everything I could find on the topic:  books on psychology, religion, metaphysics, self-help, spirituality, eastern medicine, holistic health, and even philosophy.  I was stumped, until I discovered me, it is the missing link.  Since using hypnotherapy, I've been able to modify behaviors in my life, that I've never been successful in changing before.


"I used to think past life regression was just for entertainment, until I studied and experienced it. I’ve seen the light go on in people’s heads after discovering the past connection they had with certain people in their current life, as if the dots had just become connected.  Past Life Regression was very comforting for me after I lost someone very special.  I went back into a life that we had previously spent together and realized that this separation was not as it seemed. Although it can definitely be an entertaining experience, past life regression can also be very healing."

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