Nataley is a queer, Afro-Colombian native to NYC. She is an energy-healer, reader and multi-media artist. Nataley aims to share and connect people with the knowledge of vibrational medicine which has inspired her small business, Earth Mother Medicine. Her practice offers personalized crystal-infused herbal products, reiki, and card readings.

Much like Nataley’s artwork, her healing combines the complexity and unspoken dialogue of identity, spirituality, and illness, a territory she uses to heal and explore her own self. She believes in bringing her personal, past self-healing to her sessions, deepening empathy for those who work with her.

Nataley focuses on the exploration of the human psyche and inner worlds both as an energy-healer and through her work in visual media. Nataley’s devotion to creating a safe healing space for people of diverse identities and backgrounds defines her healing practice. IG: @earthmother.medicine

Reiki 15 minutes for $40

Reiki 30 minutes for $80

Reiki 45 minutes for $120

Reiki 60 minutes for $160

Aura Cleansing 15 minutes for $40

Aura Cleaning 30 minutes for $80

Aura Cleansing 45 minutes $120

Aura Cleansing 60 minutes $160

Crystal Clearing & Chakra Balancing

Healing Session 60 minutes for $170

Chakra Balancing 30 minutes for $100

Tarot/Oracle Reading 20 minutes for $35