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The Cards You're Dealt

Everyone faces difficulties in life. Whether it’s a scary diagnosis, the challenges of caregiving, the end of a relationship or job, or adjusting to an empty nest, every human being goes through times of loss and grief.

Your trusty Tarot deck can provide comfort and wise counsel during tough times.

The Cards You’re Dealt is the new book from bestselling author Theresa Reed. One of the world’s leading voices on Tarot—with a 30+ year career reading Tarot for thousands of clients—Theresa masterfully explains how to use Tarot to navigate life’s trickiest situations.

Whether you’re a Tarot newbie holding your very first deck—or a Tarot professional looking for new spreads to try out with clients—you’ll love this book.

Ultimately, this is a book about living well. Theresa urges readers to celebrate each precious moment of life, make the most of your time, and make the best of the cards you’ve been dealt.

The Cards You're Dealt

SKU: 9781578638031
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