Saiedah Rose Luna

Saiedah is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer and Starseed Mentor. Dedicated to promoting Divine connection and spiritual growth, Saiedah utilizes her gifts and abilities to provide insightful messages, spiritual counseling and healing for those in need. 

Serving as a gateway between the worlds, Saiedah connects with the higher realms to convey messages of truth and light for those she assists. She communicates with God Creator, angels, ascended beings, ancestral energies and cosmic beings of love and light to create a transcendental experience unlike any other.  Her messages are deep, honest and synchronistic, enabling her clients to feel empowered and accepting of their own innate wisdom so they may honor the path of their life. Saiedah's sessions are deeply healing as she taps into the core of the client's soul, revealing suppressed issues to help them transform their challenges into growth. Combined with spiritual messages of love and support, Saiedah's sessions serve as a catalyst for transformation.


Saiedah's goal during her sessions is to provide a sense of comfort and understanding during times of transition. Her mission is to help her clients move beyond pain, trauma and restrictions so they may embody the full expression of themselves through self knowledge and awareness.