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Anthony Fusco

**$40 for 20min

Anthony began using his gift as a reader a little later in life. He started out reading for friends and co workers before he started to read professionally. He worked at a new age store in Forest Hills “Pastimes”, as well as the Psychic Café, in Greenwich Village NYC. He began reading intuitively with the Voyager Tarot for 20 years professionally. Anthony considers himself more of an empath. The client has a choice of either specific questions that need answers or a specific area in your life that needs clarification. He is the most intuitive with business and relationship readings.  He has been able to predict specific dates or times of the year that events will take place in a client’s life. Anthony is also a playwright that has had plays in competitions in NYC for over 10 years. In the past he has been booked to read at corporate events for Barnes & Noble, Kenneth Cole, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other private events.

Anthony will be away until further notice. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions

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