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Tanya Mitrofanova


I moved to New York City from Dallas, Texas at the beginning of this year. I used to take classes and go to gatherings at a spiritual community there, so I've been looking for similar groups to join here. I've always felt a calling to help people and to play a bigger part in the spiritual world, and I believe that one way I can do so is by doing readings for people. I feel that this is part of my soul purpose. All my life I knew that I had the gift of being able to connect with the Universe and to channel its energy. Now, I am called to share its messages and wisdom, and to lead by example to raise the vibration on Earth. I am also currently working on a Bachelors degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics, and constantly search for opportunities to apply the knowledge I endlessly seek to my daily life, growing into my True and Highest Self. My personal mantra is "Peace, Purpose, Enlightenment", and I live by it every day.


During my readings, I am drawn to different decks, depending on the category being asked. My typical categories include, but are not limited to: love life, career, general, and spiritual, for the near and further future. I use tarot to get the story of what is being asked and supplement them with oracle cards to get advice or a conclusion to the reading. I can also see into the past and present, am highly empathic and can read people's energy, divine from candle flame and incense smoke, have dreams and visions that come true, can soul-travel/astro-project, and can contact the spirit realm.

Available by phone or in person

Sunday 12-6pm

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