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Aether Creatures

An illustrated deck from spiritual leader Teal Swan which allows the user to work with creatures that exist in another dimension and tap into their medicinal power.

Open yourself to the power of Aether Creatures and harness their unique powers to navigate your life.

This unique card deck will show you how to work with Aether Creatures, life forms from another dimension which surround us but are normally imperceptible to human awareness. Like the animals we are familiar with in the physical world, Aether Creatures possess specific attributes, strengths and 'medicinal' properties which can be tapped into for advice, clarity and guidance. In this deck, extrasensory spiritual leader Teal Swan introduces you to the Aether Creatures most receptive to working with human consciousness, showing you how to share in their power.

In the 136 page booklet which accompanies the 77 beautifully illustrated cards, Teal profiles each of the Aether Creatures and guides you through their individual powers and properties, explaining how to interpret the meanings behind their appearance in the card spreads. While any tarot spread may be used with the cards, Teal also shares spreads specific to this deck, including the ‘Them and Me Spread’, which allows you to gain insight into the reality about you and the other person in any relationship; the ‘Triune Spread’, which offers a quick way to gain insight into specific questions you may have; and the ‘Skein Spread’, which gives you a comprehensive perspective on direct questions.

Aether Creatures

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