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Secrets of Paradise Tarot

Secrets of Paradise Tarot is an inclusive tarot deck like no other, taking a Caribbean and Latin American approach to symbolism. It’s an invitation to discover the hidden secrets of paradise and many beautiful aspects of Latin culture through the sacred art of tarot. This deck showcases religious practices from the Caribbean islands and throughout Latin American countries as well as highlighting local food, animal species, natural and historical landmarks, and music, art, and culture.

Latinx tarot readers, enthusiasts, and experimenters who don’t see themselves reflected in the classic card decks will connect deeply with the wisdom of this deck. Rather than trying to connect with symbolism that doesn’t resonate, these readers will gravitate towards the creative symbolism in Secrets of Paradise Tarot: Spanish Fans replace Swords, the Ace of Cups features La Virgen de la Providencia looking down at Puerto Rico, the Five of Wands illustrates Cocobalé, a type of martial arts, and the Dame of Pentacles–which replaces the Knight of Pentacles–shows a Flamenco dancer in motion.


Secrets of Paradise Tarot

SKU: 9781401968762
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