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The Beauty Witch's Secrets by Alise Marie

Potent Potions & Joyous Rituals for Natural Goddess Glamour

Become your most spellbinding self, inside and out, through every stage of your life. Alise Marie guides you into her inner sanctum, where you'll enjoy empowerment and practical magick that elevates your beauty routine from a monotonous chore to a sensual ceremony. Alise presents an abundant collection of plant-powered recipes and rituals for facial and body care, healing baths, kitchen witchery, and much more. Create elixirs, oils, and nectars that give you irresistibly smooth skin and gorgeous hair. Align with the cycles of the moon, explore the power of nature, and connect with goddesses. Featuring photos and time-tested secrets, this book reveals the enchanted beauty that is your birthright.

The Beauty Witch's Secrets by Alise Marie

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