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Meghan Ivey

Meghan Ivey of Scared Scar Astrology offers sessions that weave Astrology with Oracle cards as a bridge to power. Whether you’re looking for guidance on your year ahead, planning your wedding, a career move, looking for guidance on your relationships, or upcoming travel, with her clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, she will assist you in strategizing your future. Her approach focuses on birth chart analysis combined with current astrological transits and the lens of the Venus Oracle as a gateway to manifesting what you want. Meghan believes that your birth chart is a map inside you, a calling towards what your soul came here to do. When we shine the light on this blueprint, everybody wins. Because we’re living a life from the inside out. Astrology and the Venus Oracle is about exploring the bridge to a higher harmony Because you are the hero of your own sacred journey.

Oracle: $35 for 20min

Astrology: $60 for 30min

Available by phone or in person 

Wednesdays 12-4pm

Thursdays 12-4pm

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