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Earthly Wall Hamsa

An earthy Hamsa covered in an intricate pattern of semi-precious stones in natural tones. Perfect for the boho style home. The Hamsa is a symbol of good luck meant to ward of negative energy, this versatile symbol can be displayed and worn by all.

-Materials: Leopard skin stone, Fancy Jasper, Picture Jasper, African Turquoise, Abalone, Glass Cabochons, Swarovski Crystals
-Metal: 24K gold electroplated over brass and white metal
-Size: 4.5” inches long

The Hamsa is a Middle Eastern symbol of good luck intended to ward off evil and protect its wearer. Israeli designer Michal Golan integrates both the cultural importance and the mystical significations of the symbol in her Hamsa line. She invigorates the Hamsa through the use of gems, colors, and texture; while maintaining the original integrity of the Hamsa through traditional designs and shapes.

Earthly Wall Hamsa

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