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Gently Haunted

Discover the Playful Antics of Lingering Souls and Antiques with Spirited Personalities

Unlike a typical collection of ghost stories, Gently Haunted recounts uplifting and inspiring spiritual encounters. You'll learn about paranormal entities from a Florida antique shop and the surrounding area, including Haunted Charlie, the doll who serves as the shop's guardian, and the phantoms of James and Lucinda DeWalt, the first people to live in the building. Whether they are attracted to the century-old bungalow or the collectables sold within it, these specters interact with the living to show us life's joys.

In addition to hopeful stories and nearly a hundred photos, Corrine Kenner provides numerous tips for using psychometry, pendulums, dowsing rods, and tarot cards to help you reach out to friendly shadows of the past. Her experiences with objects that appear out of nowhere, move on their own, and radiate psychic energy reassure us that we can still connect to loved ones on the other side.

Gently Haunted

SKU: 9780738771816
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