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A Celebration of Ancestor Worship, Herbs and Hoodoo, Ritual and Conjure

The essential resource and guide to African American spirituality and traditions.

This is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to understand African American spirituality, shamanism, and indigenous spiritual practices and beliefs. It is designed to be informative while providing hands-on recipes, rituals, projects, and resources to help you become an active participant in its wonderfully soulful traditions.

Inside you will find:

1. A celebration of healing, magic, and the divination traditions of ancient African earth-based spirituality

2. An explanation of how these practices have evolved in contemporary African American culture

3. A potpourri of recipes, rituals, and resources that you can use to heal your life

Among the topics covered:

  • African spiritual practices of Santeria, Obeah, Lucumi, Orisa, and Quimbois

  • Hoodoo—and how to use it to improve your health

  • Ancient healing rituals and magical recipes of Daliluw

  • Talking drums, spiritual dancing, clapping, tapping, singing, and changing

  • ower objects, tricks and mojo bats, and herbal remedies



The Healing Power of African-American Spirituality A Celebration of Ancestor

SKU: 9781642970289
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