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The One World Tarot

The Tarot has been a source of inspiration and guidance for generations. Since its earliest days, the tarot has evolved and grown in popularity due to its continuous appeal as an informative and provocative tool.
The One World Tarot takes a fresh and contemporary approach to the deck and the meaning of the cards. Lena Rodriguez and Seanna Rose guide the reader through the history and essential meanings of the individual cards—major and minor arcana—and through some potential spreads and readings.
Designed for all interested parties, from beginners to longtime practitioners, The One World Tarot encompasses many centuries and cultures, embracing our global diversity and applying to all genders. Paying homage to the traditional tarot, this book and card set brings this ancient art brilliantly into the twenty-first century.

The One World Tarot

SKU: 978-1-64671-130-7
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