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Wonders of Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass is a canary-yellow, impactite crystal, found in the eastern Sahara; in the deserts of eastern Libya and western Egypt. Impactites are crystals created by the impact of a meteorite. They often contain pieces of the original meteor and minerals transformed by the heat of the impact and contact with the meteor. Only very massive meteor impacts generate the heat and pressure needed to make the transformation, so impactites are created very rarely.

Libyan Desert Glass is mostly of silica glass and has been dated as having formed about 29 million years ago. This is not a man-made glass, but rather made by Nature through the energy of the meteorite. The crystal was used to make tools during the Pleistocene Period, the Ice Age. The Egyptians used Libyan Glass to make royal jewelry. For instance, King Tutankhamen was buried with a crystal and enamel pendant depicting Horus, carved from Libyan Desert Glass.

Libyan Desert Glass can help shy or reclusive people to be more outgoing and sociable. It helps cultivate a more playful and creative energy, and open one to the wisdom of the body. It can be a powerful teacher of boundaries, the right use power, and for surrender to Divine Will. This is a spiritual healer of stomach and digestive issues, especially if those created or aggravated by stress. It is particularly helpful in aiding digestion metabolism and support for the endocrine system.

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