Crystals for our Pets

How do crystals work for pets?

The healing properties that crystals possess are just as beneficial to animals and pets as they are for humans. The vibrations of the crystals are sympathetic and restorative to the vibrations found in animals. All are the work of Mother Nature.

Every animal (including humans) is held by an electromagnetic field, analogous to the flowing energy field that encircles and emanates from Mother Earth. The field protects and creates an environ through which the animal interact with the world. Everything is experienced because they are both surrounded by their own personal force field, and the insides of their bodies contain electrical generators, which the body uses to send signals through the body and experiences from the environment. The focus of that field is at the animal’s core, running from below the feet through to above the head. In the Eastern tradition the focuses of that field are called chakras. They are not really points, but focuses, spinning energy points of that larger field, interconnected to the mind and body and spirit. (In the eastern and western mystic traditions these are not separate things, but one interconnected aspect of being.) Virtually every single process which is keeping an animal alive can be traced back to that field and energy focuses.

Crystals also have vibrational fields which are seen as color and felt as vibration. They can open and support the vibrations of the body, release blockages, calm, and protect. They are a tool of Mother Nature which works in sympathy to the energy of the mind, body and spirit.